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Warning: If you are easily frightened, or pee your pants at the mere thought of a big, fat, cuddly, yet powerful draggie, this story is not for you.  Should you read this, the author and all supporters involved are in no way responsible for any nightmares (dreams should you happen to like Dragons like me), or any bed-wetting that might ensue.  Also, to those who like Dragons, I am also in no accounts responsible if you poop your pants form laughing so hard after reading this warning.

Chapter 1: The Powers That Be and Amazing Origins

Ever since the dawn of time, two great forces have governed our world.  Light and Darkness (Good and Evil) are forever locked in a titanic power struggle for dominance.  For centuries they balanced each other, then came the making of our galaxy, the Milky Way.  As with all the others before, Light and Darkness instantly began feuding over it.  Darkness added the cold void of space, and Light countered with the warmth of stars.  Darkness put in a black hole to swallow them up, and Light made them orbit it.  Darkness was to always go first, doing its very best to corrupt and destroy what Light had created.  Then Light would go, counterbalancing all the destructive forces that Darkness had unleashed, and harmonizing them to work as one.  This would go on until there was nothing else left to be done with it.  Our galaxy was the last to be created, and also the last space in which there was something to do.  Neither of them would allow a tie, so they went on making ours more and more complex.  Darkness added nebulas to obscure the stars light.  Light condensed some of the nebulas to make more stars, along with planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteors.  Then came the first mistake.  Darkness hit a small little planet with an asteroid while it was still forming.  It hit home, but just sprayed molten rock out into the tiny little planet’s orbit, and sank into its still molten crust.  As fate would have it, that asteroid consisted of more than 95% iron and nickel, and sank to the now not so little planet’s center, where it melted and became its core.  The planet (oh, what the heck, I’m just going to call it Earth because that’s what we’ll call it in the future) got quite a spin off that collision and moved into a closer, more circular orbit around its sun.  The rotation got the core spinning, and made a giant electromagnet, creating a magnetic field around the Earth.  It cooled and a crust formed around it.  It wasn’t very stable though, and volcanoes formed, releasing gasses to make an atmosphere.  Some ice had managed to fall onto the planets surface before it got vaporized, and now the volcanoes were releasing it as vapor.  Clouds condensed, and the Earth saw its first thunderstorm.  Pools began forming on its barren surface, and in those pools were the first forms of life, sparked into existence by the lightning.  Light saw the opportunity and made life multiply and grow more complex as its next move.  And so, when it was all done, there was a completely new force in the universe, Change.  Life was the pure form of Change, ever moving, ever growing, and ever continuing.  Darkness saw the danger in this, and instantly took a form of life under its control, man.  Light, not giving up hope yet, quickly took the natural world, but it was too late.  Man had been tainted by Darkness, and as he grew, so too did his mastery over the Natural world.  The tides had turned, and Darkness, was winning.  Light ran and hid, but would return when the time came that it was most called upon.
This is the first chapter of an book that I am boing to post entirely on DA. I know that the story so far seems like it has absolutely nothing to do with the title, but it'll all tie in later on in the series.
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Vinci19 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
nice so far, it really makes me think and you describe the struggle between light and darkness very well. Good job.
gunuse Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2007
this sounds great, im hoping that ull fully describe the later chapters exactly how u described this one ^.=.^
fatdragon500 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007
wow i most see the next part
CutieKitsune Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007
^^ light and drak stories (no matter who writes about them) are allways aswsome!!! and i think this is really awsome!
BlackWolfDarkSoul Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2007
Woah; Awesome! it makes me think more...
but you have to make another chapter- its interesting!
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